About Esix Ltd

Founded in 1998, Esix Ltd is a specialist IT security consultancy based in Gibraltar.

Our consultants work in Gibraltar, the UK and worldwide.

Our consultants have worked as specialist advisers to both United Kingdom Central Government, Military, the Finance sector and Telecomms organisations for over 25 years.

We have a wealth of expertise in the securing of data and telecommunications environments, and actively monitor our services for suspicio us activity. This enables us to provide a secure and stable environment, and unparalleled service and support to our customers.

What we do

Esix Ltd provides a wide range of consultancy services including Security Risk Assessment and Training, Secure Network Design and Planning, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery planning, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, incident response, and Penetration Testing.

Our Hosting Centres

ESIX operates four Network Operations Centres.

We currently operate Hosting Centres in London, Wellingborough, the United States and Holland.

These facilities are home to many Global and National Telecommunications Carriers, Internet Service Providers and Internet businesses and provide an ideal central location for us to manage your services.

Security plays a crucial role to the success of your network infrastructure and our expertise in network security including firewalls, mo nitoring, virtual private networks and intrusion detection, has resulted in the creation of a comprehensive remote access network, ideal for both single business users, and enterprise gateways.

All of our servers are housed behind our firewall and Intrusion Detection systems and benefit from regular monitoring by trained security personnel. The network is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide the most secure and resilient environment for our network.

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