The Esix Cloud - Remote Access Service

Esix CloudThe Esix Cloud Remote Access Service provides everything you need to access your home or business network, from hotels, or wherever you travel. What’s more, you can access your entire network using a PC, Mac, iPad, Android Tablet and even a Smart Phone.

Never again will you be without that important document, photo or presentation you forgot to copy to your device.

With our Cloud Remote Access Service, you can securely access your entire home or business network, not just remotely control your PC or Mac. Therefore you can directly access your files and folders, pr inters, IP network cameras, home automation systems, even TV streaming devices such as a Slingbox connected to your Satellite TV.

The Esix Cloud Remote Access Service provides a secure alternative to storing sensitive information on insecure public servers like Cloud storage services. It is ideal for home users, for professional organizations and anyone that values the confidentiality and security of their information.

With our Cloud Remote Access Service, you simply connect to your home or office network using a network access client, available for almost every device currently on the market. You can then use your network just as if you were connected locally.

Once our Cloud Remote Access software is installed, you manage your Esix Cloud using a simple web interface. You can add new users or remove access to your network in just a few seconds.

How our Personal Cloud Works

Personal Cloud Data CentreOur Cloud Service provides everything you need to remotely access your home or business network, from anywhere.

You can securely access your network using a home broadband, public WiFi, and even over the 3G and 4G mobile network.

The service uses strong encryption to prevent any interception of information between the connected device and your home or business network. The system also uses One Time Passwords which change every 30 seconds and are generated by your mobile phone. This prevents your password being guessed or intercepted, and means that you never need to remember your password again!

Once our server software is installed, the service is simply managed using our web based Cloud Control Panel. You can easily add and remove remote access users to your network in seconds.

Esix Cloud Login Security, One Time Passwords, and Four Factor Authentication

To access your network, each user must have a combination of a digital certificate that is specific to your network, and a valid username and password to access your Cloud.

To enhance the security of your network, the service uses Mobile One Time Passwords. This is known as two factor authentication or "something you know and something you have". Unique one time passwords are generated by an application installed on your smartphone which requires you to enter a pin, in much the same way as the little tokens that are issued by banks. This password changes every 30 seconds, and is unique to that particular phone during that 30 second interval. This design prevents anyone intercepting or guessing your password.

Each Cloud must also authenticate against our cloud authentication servers. Communications between your Cloud server, and our cloud authentication servers are also secured using a encrypted key. Therefore when a user connects, behind the scenes, our Cloud requires four different factors to allow any connection to your network. This provides a much more secure environment than a simple username and password.

Our Cloud service uses centralized cloud authentication servers, to control access to your Cloud. These servers provide the web based administration and management for your Cloud, and are extensively monitored at our Network Operations centres.

Cloud Built In Dynamic DNS

Many broadband providers change the IP address of your router on a regular basis. This prevents broadband users connecting to their home networks using an IP address, as this changes on a regular basis.

Our built in dynamic DNS servers monitor any changes to your IP address, and automatically update accordingly. This allows you to connect, even if you use an ISP that regularly changes your IP address.

We Do Everything For You

As a HNWI or VIP client we appreciate that you do not have the time or inclination for install this service yourself.

Furthermore a security service such as this is better left to specialist engineers.

Our engineers will come to your premisis and install everything you need, and on every device that you use.

This enables you to use your devices with the confidence that you have the most effective security measures in place.

For more information contact us via our Contact Page.

The Esix Cloud Remote Access Service is available to customers anywhere in the world.


What can the Esix Personal Cloud Service do for me?

Personal_Cloud_Home_WorkingPut simply, unlike Cloud Storage service, with the Esix Cloud Remote Access Service you have total control of your home or business network from virtually anywhere in the world.

Remote Access to Files and Folders

You can remotely access shared files and folders on any computer connected to your network using the network file browser built into your device's operating system. For example using Finder for Apple Mac systems, or Explorer for Microsoft Windows based systems.

You can also access shared files and folders using iPads, Android Tablets and Smartphones, using software clients such as FileBrowser.

Remote Access to IP Network Cameras and Baby Monitors

With the Esix Cloud Remote Access Service, you can access and control network cameras and baby monitors, without the risk of making these devices directly accessible via the Internet.

These devices have been widely reported by the media as being targets for hackers, who have used them to snoop and spy on unsuspecting victims.

Many businesses also have security cameras installed at their premises.  Again these devices have been widely compromised in businesses that have made them publically accessible via the Internet.

Home Automation Systems

Woman Working Using Esix Personal CloudHome automation systems are rapidly increasing in popularity. You can control the heating systems in your home, remotely switch on lighting, enable and disable alarm systems, and even open and close your curtains.

However, if these systems are publicly available over the Internet, they can be easily exploited and abused.

The Esix Cloud Remote Access Service allows you to restrict access to these systems to your local network, instead of making them publically accessible via the Internet.

Therefore, in order protect the security of these systems, your home automation systems can be restricted to your local network, and only remotely available when connected to your Esix Cloud.

TV on the Go

Many people who travel regularly, have connected devices such as Slingboxes to their Satellite or Cable TV boxes. This allows you to remotely connect to your set top box, and watch your TV via the Internet.

Often these devices are secured by little more than a PIN, or a weak password.

With the Esix Cloud controlling remote access to your network, you can ensure that these devices are not publically accessible via the Internet, and can only be used when connected to your local network, or via your Esix Personal Cloud. 

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